>Bryant Bridge Design Update

>Hi All
Thanks for your interest and participation with the Bryant Bridge project.
We’re currently finishing our master plan,
which will include a comprehensive hit list of art and design features.

Objective is both to use our $50K ODOT grant this spring, and to go after more funding streams for
different aspects of the project over time.

We met last week with the project engineers to refine the possibilities of what is “do-able,”
to what extent we can remove/cut soundwalls, attachments to walls and bridge, bridge/approach modifications,how the contracting might take place, and what can be done
free/inexpensively by ODOT and PDOT (signage, chainlink, bollard removal, lighting repair, etc…) So we now have a clearer view of what the designs can be and how implemented.

The next step is further refining your ideas so that they can be presented to the public.
Specific treatments for master plan- (ie, reflective/mirror feature at blind turns, bridge-related graphics, contoured concrete with better turn radius, framed portals in soundwalls, bioswale/greenspace, cul-de-sac/streetpainting, motion activated solar lighting on bridge, greenwall, mural, etc.)
The big box of ideas will be contain smaller boxes, of which the ODOT bridge enhancement grant is one.
Some visuals have already been generated from our design session(s) since our meeting.
We need more, and by more hands. If you have modest drawing/rendering capabilities would like to either work with me or on your own to create a visual representation of a/the concept(s) that emerged at your table, or that you’d like to otherwise add, please contact me. I’ll provide you with copies of the bridge plan, photos, and tracing paper so that you can draw or do an overlay.
(We’ll work these into the “after” scenarios of the “before and after” of the plan)

We recently rec’vd a grant for “communications” related to the bridge project from the
Office of Neighborhood Involvement.
We’ll be displaying the bridge visuals at local businessses and on the web http://www.piedmontneighborhood.com/ which will have a special Bryant Bridge section.
The community will offer their comments, and we’ll move towards consensus as to what we implement.
BTW: It looks like the bridge might rec’v “bike boulevard” designation via the Safe and Sound Streets
initiative, so some PDOT/City of Portland funding may ensue there. We plan for applying for a RACC grant for neighborhood/community “public art,” METRO for the bioswale demonstation project, and a host of foundation grant ops. We hope to “launch” with visuals/mock-ups/prototypes for the Sunday Parkways event on June 22.
We’ll keep you abreast of developments!

Brian Borrello

2 responses to “>Bryant Bridge Design Update”

  1. >Yea! Great news about the bollards being removed!!! Thank you for all your hard work.Cheers, Janis

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