>Signs help define Piedmont’s turf


From OregonLive.com…

Where does one neighborhood begin and another end? Although some street signs identify the city’s dozens of neighborhoods, some boundaries aren’t well-known.

For example, can you name the intersection that’s the nexus of the Piedmont, Humboldt, King and Woodlawn neighborhoods in North and Northeast Portland? Here’s a recently installed clue: Look for a two-sided “Welcome to the Piedmont Neighborhood” sign.

The Piedmont Neighborhood Association, working to increase visibility of its 616 acres, is asking businesses at key locations to put up welcome signs, says Brian Borrello, an artist and neighborhood activist.

A new Starbucks at the northwest corner of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Ainsworth Street is the first, installing a sign beneath its company sign next to the sidewalk.

“They’re not known for individuality,” Borrello says of Starbucks. “For them to do something like this was a good and responsible thing. It shows some regard for the neighborhood.”

The entire article can be viewed here…

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