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>Civic Mart OLCC Board Hearing: SUCCESS

>Short version- The OLCC Board of Commissioners voted 4-0 to grant the Civic Food Mart a liquor license WITH the 4 current restrictions: 1) No sale of malt beverages larger than 24 ounces2) No fortified wines/malt beverages more than 6% … Continue reading

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>OLCC & Piedmont Meeting: Recap

>Today in the Fireside Room of the Peninsula Park Community Center 5 PNA board members, 10 residents, PPB Officer Lisa Clayton met with OLCC Executive Directory Stephen Pharo and 3 OLCC folks. Previous to the larger meeting the OLCC group … Continue reading

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>Civic Mart Liquor License – Update

>KGW’s Scott Burton did a real nice piece covering the issue we’re having with a belligerent OLCC and the Civic Food Mart…Video: http://www.kgw.com/video/video-index.html?nvid=235072Text: http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_041008_news_piedmont_debate.50d5de3a.html The KGW report summarizes information that is contained in the following post from our blog…http://blog.piedmontneighborhood.com/2008/04/olccwhat-hell-are-you-doing.html Note … Continue reading

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>MARK YOUR CALENDAR: APRIL 18TH, 9AM (location tba) The PNA has received the following from the OLCC… Just an FYI: this months Commission meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 18th at 9am. The only licensing matter for the Portland area … Continue reading

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>Civic Food Mart Liquor License – Update

>Well it looks like Chief Sizer is now on my christmas list! The PNA was given a copy of THIS letter from the City of Portland Bureau of Police to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Essentially the Chief of Police … Continue reading

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>Civic Food Mart Liquor License – TIME FOR ACTION

>Previous posts on this subject: HERE , HERE, and HERE. Recap: The Civic Food Mart (located HERE) has changed ownership and the new owners have want the OLCC to remove the 4 restrictions from their liquor license.1) No sale of … Continue reading

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>Civic Food Mart Liquor License – Update

>Previous posts on this subject…http://blog.piedmontneighborhood.com/2008/02/civic-food-mart-liquor-license.htmlhttp://blog.piedmontneighborhood.com/2008/02/civic-food-mart-liquor-license-update.html Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) responded to Brian Borrello’s previous email with the following… I have been speaking with the OLCC about this location. They request that you send a letter of opposition directly to … Continue reading

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