>Land Use Notice – 556 N. Buffalo Street

>The PNA has received a Land Use Notice from The City Of Portland for 556 N. Buffalo Street. The notice can be viewed on our Land Use “wiki” page…HERE.

Note, a link to the PNA Land Use wiki page can be found off our home page here… www.PiedmontNeighborhood.com. It is cryptically titled “Land Use.”

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One Response to >Land Use Notice – 556 N. Buffalo Street

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Charles Stone wants a variance to shorten the required 9′ x 28′ parking pad to 9′ x 21′.The code requires that a parking space be at least 9′ x 18′ and located outside of front setback, which is 10′. The pad would need to be 28′. His design would create a pad 11′ deep from sidewalk- hardly room for a car, and likely obstruction of sidewalk (unless a Cooper Mini parks there) This would virtually assure that an automobile becomes a dominant feature in the front yard, near -or into- sidewalk.

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